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We are a digital marketing agency with a team of exceptional individuals who can help you design, create and promote your business in the digital world.

We believe in Function & Form

We create purpose driven designs that work well, look great and produce results

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Brett Atkin for the past 8 years. During that time he’s become a trusted partner and advisor who is integral to my business strategy…He is a skillful and strategic web designer and marketer and he guided countless decision points along the way toward a site that is beautiful, easy to navigate and highly effective…He is not a vendor but rather a member of my team – so embedded that I (despite my natural control freak tendencies) routinely connect him with other partners and even clients, knowing that he will represent me as I would. I’m honored to get to work with Brett and his team… and look forward to doing so for a long time to come.”
Julie Winkle Giulioni

About Pixel Jocks

We are a full service digital marketing agency with 15+ years experience who can help you with every aspect of your online business.

We specialize in creating amazing WordPress sites that are fully responsive, fast loading and search engine friendly.

We can integrate WooCommerce into WordPress to create a unique shopping experience for your site visitors.

Recent Blog Posts

Is Perfect the Enemy of Good?

Is Perfect the Enemy of Good?

"Perfect is the enemy of good." It's a common phrase you hear in the business world, especially in the software and web development industries. Before going forward, I must share that I've said this phrase to myself on a regular basis -- more times than I'd like to...

Email and Domain Name Scammers

Email and Domain Name Scammers

A quick message about your email and domain names (if you have one). Hackers and spammers seem to have more free time than normal, as we are seeing in recent email scams. Both my clients and I have been getting emails from what appear to be our email service providers...

Site Launch – Commercial Recreation Group

Site Launch – Commercial Recreation Group

We recently launched the website for Travis Goebel, who took over the commercial playground division of Recreation Unlimited. This site was built under a very tight deadline of less than four weeks. Travis gave us plenty of latitude with the design so we...


Are you a small business owner who would rather spend your time (or your team’s time) closing sales, speaking with potential customers or managing the day to day operations? Growing and managing your online digital presence can be a time-consuming and challenging task without a dedicated team of individuals. Pixel Jocks has a variety of solutions to remove that challenge from your plate. We can even become your marketing department without all the overhead the comes with expanding your internal team.

We offer:

  • Design and Development
  • E-commerce
  • Digital Marketing

If you need help managing the online presence for your business, please contact us to learn more.